QA & warranty

Quality is not taken for granted, it is demonstrated, both in the project process and in the materials used.

Quality Assurance

In the supply chains of any field of business, Quality & Reliability are among the most important parameters. Wintech-Solar only works with qualified & reliable partners who have traceable experience in the relevant field. Our committment to credible supply is further enhanced by the constant presence of our own team of Quality Control staff at the factories, monitoring manufacturering progress as well as quality standard.


Undertakings in the PV field is a rather long term investment. Therefore we realise the need to provide the best possible Product & Performance Warranty services to our customers. Wintech-Solar offers a full 5 Years Limited Product Guarantee, providing repair or replacement services on the defect products. In terms of Power Output, we warrant not less than 90% of the original minimum rated power within the first 10 years and 80% within the first 25 years.

During the long life span of the solar projects, it is essential to closely monitor the performance of the facility. In view of this, Wintech-Solar has developed a unique After Sales Service System that offers our clients total protection of their projects up to 25 years, thus ensuring the facility is operating reliably & efficiently, and that our customers can make the most out of their investment.

international recognized authorities

All suppliers collaborating with us are accredited with international recognized authorities, providing absolute Product Compliance & Quality Assurance to our clients.

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