Who we are

We, Wintech-Solar, have a clear vision of providing only High Quality and Reliable services to our customers. We believe our persistence on this vision allows us to deliver continuously outstanding results for our clients.

We Have One Goal

Find the best solution for our clients

Wintech-Solar has been established to provide professional and reliable solar solutions to customers. We work with experienced manufacturers, consultants and installers to implement turnkey solutions catering for the specific needs of each customer. Our involvement stretches from formulating project concept, designing & manufacturing of the PV systems, through the intallation of the facillity to ultimate maintenance services. Our services can be found in residential, commerical & industrial applications.

On the field of sourcing, Wintech-Solar is one of the unique partners who can offer the most comprehensive range of PV modules to our clients. Having the centralised purchasing & logistics centre in Hong Kong, we have established networks with all major suppliers in China & Taiwan, covering not only crystalline silicon technology but also amorphous & other thin fim products.

The presence of Wintech-Solar in Japan is not only confined to the procurement of Japanese made PV products. Taking advantage of our familiarity of the market there, we provide our expertise in exporting high quality yet affordable PV machinery to our clients in Europe. We have also managed to build up network with Japanese silicon material suppliers, assisting manufacturers to import wafers and cells into China & Taiwan. To summarize, we provide all-rounded services to help our customers realizing their diversified projects.

With the booming of the PV industry in Europe, Wintech-Solar also positions itself in Germany in order to be the focal point of contact for customers in the vicinity. The German branch primarily involves in the implementation of sales and marketing activities of the company, including such value-added services as project development & project engineering on PV related business. The representatives in the German office also provide a whole range of After-Sales Services to ensure total customer satisfaction.

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+15 years

Experience in renewal field since 2008

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+200 MW

Involved in the sales of over 200 MW of solar panels

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+100 Million

Having a track record of annual turnover reaching Euro 100 Million


Our company was established in 2002, but it was not until January 2008 when it started working fully on the Renewable Energy world. Therefore, we consider our track record in this field to be 15 YEARS.

During this period of time, the Renewable Energy world has notably changed. At the beginning, countries in Europe tried to support the rapid development of the Renewable Energies with all sort of subsidies, mostly under the form of Feed-in-Tariffs, that paid higher rates to electricity produced by Renewable sources, like Photovoltaic.

That system created an artificial boom, based only on profit margins, but there was not yet a consciousness of the need to change our sources of energy.

During these Years, countries began to tighten the rules for Renewable Energy, to the point that private projects, by small companies like ours, became outright impossible. Many of our competitors disappeared. Only giants could go through those times.

Then came the Virus, which has again put some brakes on the projects.
A war in Europe has been necessary to wake up the countries and the people to the dire situation of energy supplies in the continent, and to bring back supports to Renewable Energy, that will stabilize the production, and help reduce the costs of energy.

We managed to go through the rough weather, and now we are facing the future with renewed forces and illusions and look forward serving you for the next 15 Years.

Thanks to all our friend for their help and support!


  • Our future looks bright.
  • Together with our Sister Company, Hikari Solar S.A. and under the umbrella of our HQ, Apple Energy Ltd., we are aiming to a strong growth in the development of Photovoltaic and other Renewable Energy related projects.
  • Our first immediate step is the opening of a subsidiary of Wintech Solar in Italy, which will start operations within this month of October.
  • For next Year, we are aiming to develope almost 100 Mw of photovoltaic and energy saving projects.


We focus on the procurement, quality control and JIT logistics management for solar related products.


With our connections and experience in sourcing manufacturers, we are able to locate the best possible yet affordable supplies for our clients.

Quality Control

With our own quality control team stationed in China, we preform quality checks during production process as well as pre-shipment quality inspection.

JIT Logistics Management

Added to our services is our expertise in providing Just-In-Time (JIT) management, ensuring the right products to be delivered at the right time.

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