Wintech-Solar is an OEM Contractor that produces different range of Products under its own Brand and also under Customer’s Brand. Therefore, we are the only company in Asia that can offer a full range of Products.

With a taste for diversity

  • Monocrystalline: Our Monocrystalline Modules range in Nominal Power from 150 Wp to 240 Wp.
  • Polycrystalline: Wintech’s Polycrystalline Modules cover a wide range from 180Wp to 280Wp.
  • Amorphous: Wintech Amorphous (A-Si) Modules cover the full range from 40Wp to 100Wp. No other company can offer you the same complete range.
  • CIS: CIS is one of the most advanced Solar Technology. There are very few Manufacturers for this Product. Our range covers from 80Wp to 120Wp.
  • CIGS: Wintech produces also the all new CIGS systems. The range goes from 40Wp to 80Wp.
  • BIPV: Wintech has just started collaboration with one of the most advanced Producers for BIPV Modules, and we can offer you the most complete range of systems.
  • Microcrystalline: For special projects, Wintech can offer you also the most modern Technology – the Microcrystalline Modules, which give your Projects a distinctive and unique image, not to be repeated.


Full range of products


Asian and European Products

OEM Contractor

Our own Brand


We offer high quality Mono-crystalline solar panels from Asian as well as European manufacturers.


Included also in our product range is Poly-crystalline PV panels.

Amorphous Silicon

Thin Film technology is also included in our portfolio.

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